Modeling as The New Behavior Generator

Often in the height of our careers, a hidden monster lurks in the background of our subconscious. This proverbial “boogeyman” depletes our confidence, energy, and internal resources, so that growth is impossible. This villain superimposes itself into our being, our bodies, actions, our thoughts and controls our behaviors. He wears a dark cloak that masks us from reality and possibility. Who specifically is this elusive super villain? Well, dear ambitious one, it is YOU.

If you have ever halted your own progress for fear of failure, procrastinated embarking on projects because you lacked confidence, or declined opportunities – feeling that it was out of scope with your capabilities, you have been assaulted by this villain. If you have held the stubborn belief that ‘I am just not made that way” or “I am not good at that sort of thing”. Then you, my friend, have been taken hostage by your self-doubt.

Many times, innovation, creativity, learning and growth both personally and professionally comes in moments of clarity and neutrality. The concept of perceived fear, can in itself, be the bottleneck to our growth. I have seen many clients over time neglect the hero in this narrative. Their person, who can come into the situation, assess it, and take control back, wearing their hero cape.

Equipped with your very own hero cape, I invite you to explore the world of someone you believe would master your uncomfortable situation…

Throughout time in my practice as a hypnotist, I have witnessed the most driven, intellectual and seemingly fearless leaders experience moments of self-doubt in their capabilities. We are often exposed to different facets of our careers, which require us to hone into skill sets and behaviors we actually do not perceive we possess.

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