Director of the West Island Hypnosis Center

Increasingly hypnosis is being recognized for its great utility in creating changes – from behaviour to limiting beliefs.  The misconceived notions about being hypnotized are slowly fading into history. Great advances into medical practices, dentistry, law enforcement, education and athletic practices, have all benefited from integrating hypnosis.The countless ways in which it is used has helped thousands improve their quality of life and achieve their targeted outcomes. 

Hypnosis is a natural state experienced by everybody at some time. From getting into the “zone” in sports, to having your mind wander off while driving – our ‘trance’ like states are experienced all the time. Our staff have all used these tools productively to change their lives in incredible ways. 

Sonjali Di Guida, the Director of the West Island Hypnosis Center is a member of the Master Hypnotist Society (MHS). She has been trained using the MHS system in hypnosis and Neuro linguistic programming, which has helped tens of thousands of clients to quit smoking, lose weight, get good sleep, reduce stress, manage fears and build confidence to change negative habits. As an active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as the Master Hypnotist Society, she is provided with all the needed resources to continually master her craft. She continually enhances her skills set by participating in various trainings throughout the year. 

Sonjali discovered hypnosis accidentally when seeking relief from smoking excessively, sleeplessness, debilitating stress and pain associated with an aggressive auto-immune disease. Completely blown away by the rapid results, she shifted her life completely and suddenly to become a hypnotist. Through helping others, she found her life’s purpose, and made it her mission to demystify hypnosis to anyone who will listen. 

Her speaking engagements and writing contributions to various magazines support her passion of spreading the word on the utility of hypnosis and helping as many people as she can. She has been awarded for 2 consecutive years from Brainz Global for entrepreneurship and her outstanding dedication to helping others. 

Prior to her life as a hypnotist, Sonjali held an executive level position in the corporate world, and ran a small consulting company to coach entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses in a variety of facets. She continues to work with busy professionals and entrepreneurs alike to  shift them into the growth mindset. 

In her spare time, Sonjali enjoys traveling, gardening, drawing, reading, public speaking, and spending time with her family, friends and especially her young daughter. 

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