Are You Being Your Best Lawyer? I Object!

In the courtroom of personal change, many of us find ourselves both prosecutor and defendant, arguing our case for the status quo while secretly yearning for transformation. Picture yourself as the lead counsel in your own trial, fervently defending your habits, vices, and routines against the charges of change and growth. But are you truly presenting the best defense for your own life?

Consider the case of the habitual smoker, much like I once was, who spins a web of justifications to shield themselves from the harsh truth of addiction. The stress of daily life becomes a sympathetic jury, the presence of fellow smokers a supportive legal team, and every excuse a well-crafted argument for maintaining the status quo. But deep down, does this defense truly serve your best interests?

If you find yourself lawyering for your limitations, how can you ever hope to negotiate a plea bargain for a better life? The courtroom analogy holds true: if you are both plaintiff and defense, the trial becomes an endless loop of self-justification, with no room for genuine progress.

But what if, instead of donning the robes of a staunch advocate, you chose to become the impartial judge? Imagine casting aside the biases and preconceptions that cloud your judgment, and instead, approaching your own life with clarity and objectivity. Suddenly, the possibility of change becomes less daunting and more attainable.

This shift in perspective is our first order of business at our clinic. By fostering a spirit of openness and honesty, we create a space where even the most entrenched habits can be examined without judgment or condemnation. Instead of mounting a defense, we invite our clients to explore the realm of possibility, to envision a life beyond the confines of their current circumstances. A chance to really utilize a different color palette.

In this courtroom of the mind, there are no winners or losers, no verdicts or sentences. Instead, there is only the opportunity for growth, for renewal, for the emergence of a better self. And just as a skilled mediator can facilitate a resolution outside the courtroom, so too can the tools of hypnosis guide us toward getting our outcomes.

So the next time you feel the urge to defend your position, pause for a moment and consider: are you truly being your best lawyer? Or are you ready to step down from the witness stand, embrace the truth, and pave the way for a brighter future? The choice is yours, Your Honor.